Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Uppudu pindi

2 cups Rice flour(Rava made out of rice orrice suji) 
2 1/2 cups water
2 tea spoons Senagapappu,
6-8 Greenchillies,
Jeera and mustardseeds,
Urad dal(optional)
Onions chopped in little bigger shapes,
Curry leaves,
Salt (As desired) 

Firstly take a pan and prepare the seasoning with the above ingrediens. 

Once the onions turn pinkish in colour add water. Bring it to boil. 

Then add rice flour. See that u are cooking this in low flame. After adding rice flour take a spatula and mix it in the water. Do not mix like upma. 

Try to hit the mixture. It will form into hard balls like mixture. 

Now u can add little ghee , mix it and close the lid and keep it for 10 mins. 

Now the traditional telugu country side breakfast is ready. 

It will stay in ur stomach as a heavy lunch.