Friday, 13 January 2012


Sojjappalu Recipe
Use the following ingredients to prepare or make Sojjappalu recipe at home.
Suji (Semolina) - 250 gms.
sugar - 250 gms.
maida - 300 gms.
ghee - 75 gms.
cardamoms - 6
cashewnuts - 15

Sojjappalu Recipe Making Procedure

1)Take maida in a vessel and mix 50 ghee in it. Mix well with hand. It should resemble bread crumbs. Now add little water and knead into dough just like puree dough. Cover this dough with a wet cloth and keep aside.
2)In a kadai put suji and roast for 15 minutes till it loses its rawness. Now remove this from the kadai keep aside.
3)In a kadai put 1 tablespon ghee and then put 500 ml water . When the water boils add roasted suji slowly, stirring simultaneously (just like we do for upma). Lower the flame and keep a lid for 5 minutes.Keep stirring in between till the suji is done. Now add the sugar in this and keep stirring for atleast 15 minutes. Add cardamom powder and cashewnut pieces.
4)Make lemon size balls from the above suji halwa. Now take lemon size quantity from the maida dough prepared earlier and put it on a polythene paper and spread and stuff the suji halwa balls in it. Cover properly so that suji ball is not seen.
5)Now with the help of little oil press these stuffed balls. These should look like thick puris.
6)Now deep fry these suji-halwa stuffed maida puris in hot oil. Fry till they are in wheat colour. Keep them on a tissue papers to absorb excess oil. Now these are ready to eat. These can be stored for 3 days.