Friday, 13 January 2012

This is the most delicious ball like shaped sweets soaked in sugar syrup which can be prepared either from readimix or other ingredients. If you buy readimix from the shop, you can prepare it easily as follows. Mix little quantity of milk with the readimix of Gulab Jamun as you can make it into small sperical balls. Then pour vegetable oil into kadai and place it on fire. Now gently drops balls of gulab jamun into the heated oil and cook it until it gets golden color. Now take away the balls and after draining excess oil soak them into the sugar syrup of half string consistency.
If you want to prepare Gulab Jamun in your total effort, following things are required
IngredientsSugar 1.5 cup
Water 0.5 cup
Milk 1 litre 
Maida (American flour) 0.5 cup
Rose white essence 1 tsp
Pour milk into a kadai and place it on fire. Stir the milk until you get the condensed form. Now add maida and rose essence to it and make it as spherical balls. Take oil in a separate kadai and keep it on fire to cook gulab jamun balls. Then soak them into the sugar syrup which you have already prepared.