Friday, 13 January 2012


Maida 3 cup
Sugar 4 cup
Food color a pinch
Ghee 0.5 cup 
Cardamom 3 or 4 in no.
Roasted cashewnuts 0.5 cup
Take maida and water in a bowl. Mix both things using hand gently and let it be aside for some time. After one hour add 3 cups of water with maida. Now you will get milk like substance from maida and leave it for some time and thick milk will settle down. Remove the liquid milk on the top. Take thick milk of maida, sugar, food color in a pan and mix them well. Place the pan on fire adding ghee slowly and stir well. Keep stirring until you feel the ghee separates from halwa. After getting glassy halwa consistency remove it from fire. Then add cashewnuts and cardamom. Now halwa is ready for serving.
If you want to make halwa quick, you don't need to separate milk from maida.
IngredientsMaida 1.5 cup
Water 2 cup
Sugar 3 cup 
Ghee 0.5 cup 
Cardamom powder
Cashewnuts (roasted) 0.5 cup
Take maida and water in a bowl and mix them well so as to avoid forming lumps. Here you don't need to get milk of maida. Heat some ghee on a pan and add above prepared maida, sugar and water mixture into it and keep fire low as to avoid lumps. When you get glassy mixture, start adding ghee slowly. Stir once for 3 or 4 minutes. When you get the consistency of halwa add roasted cashewnuts and cardamom powder. Now remove it from fire. After some time you can make it into rectangles for serving.