Friday, 20 January 2012

Sweet Biscuit

 Ingredient :
                                   1 cup Dalda or ghee
                                   1 cup Sugar
                                   1 cup Water
                                   Maida as required
                                   Refined Groundnut oil ( for frying )
 Method :   Step 1. Keep kadahi or cooking pan on stove in low                                         
                                Medium flame.
                            2. Pour dalda, sugar and water one by one and
                                 stir it to dilute evenly. Off the flame and
                                 keep the syrup aside to cool down .
                            3. Now add maida to this syrup as much as it
                                absorbs to make a dough enough. The
                                 dough should not be too tight nor it
                                 should be too loose.
                             4. Make a big ball from the dough and roll
                                 it to a thick roti. Now criss-cross with
                                 sharp knife to get small –small square
                                  pieces. Shift it to A Big Thali or plate.
                             5. Next heat oil in medium flame and fry the
                                  pieces patiently to light biscuit golden
                                  colour and take out.