Friday, 13 January 2012

Pala Boondhi


Pala Boondhi Recipe
Use the following ingredients to prepare or make Pala Boondhi recipe at home.
1/2 litre milk
11/2 teaglass sugar
11/4 sugar

Pala Boondhi Recipe Making Procedure

1/2 litre milk, should heat thourgly by adding 11/2 tea glass sugar.make milk very concentrated.
Then take 1 tea glass of atta,mix it with water (as u do for boondhi).
Just put atta mix like a boondhi (using jalligantee)into the concentrated milk with low flame(sim) for 5-10min....
Add dry fruits accordingly(fry dry fruits in the ghee(11/2 spoon ghee)) make it to room temperature and serve. keep it in freeze