Thursday, 12 January 2012

Groundnut chutney

A small cup of Raw Groundnut.
Half Lemon.
1 small cut Onions.
1 pod Garlic (optional)
4 or 5 Green Chillies.(increase or decrease according to the Taste)
Salt to taste.
2 cloves of Garlic

In a pan with little oil fry the groundnuts till the skin comes off.
Peel off the skin throughly by rubbing with your hands, when the ground nuts are taken off from the stove.
In a pan add little oil and saute, Green chillies & Garlic.
Grind together groundnuts, garlic,green chillies, Lemon juice, salt with enough water to fecilitate grinding.
Take oil in a pan, add mustard seeds,red chillies,few curry leaves jeera and few split udat daal. After the mustard seeds splutter and split, season the ground paste with it.