Thursday, 12 January 2012

DRUMSTICKS CURRY (Mulakkaya curry)

DRUMSTICKS CURRY (Mulakkaya curry)

Drum Sticks:3
Green chillies:6
Salt:according to taste.
Chilli powder:according to taste.

Oil: 2tsp
Turmeric – pinch
Curry leaves -2 strings


1.Chop the drumsticks into finger sized bits,onions,tomato.
2.Heat the oil in a pan.
3.Once its heated add the green chillies and curry leaves once the mustard seeds pop.

4.Now add onions, turmeric and fry till they are light brown . Now add the drumstick pieces and cook for about 3 mins
5.Now add the tomatoes, salt,chilli powder and cook for 3 mins.
6.Now add water,cook for 5-15mins on a low flame with lid on stirring occassionally.
7.U can garnish with coriander leaves if you want and serve it.