Thursday, 12 January 2012

Spicy chicken

1) chicken: 1/2 kg (wash)
2) oil: 2 table spoon(s)
3) onions:2 finely chopped
4) potatoes:2(cut into peices)
5) green chillies:4(cut into peices)
6)garlic& ginger(paste):2 tablespoon(s)
7)yogurt(curd or perugu): 1 cup (beaten smoothly)
8)coriander powder(kothimeera): 2 table spoon(s)
9)cumin powder(jeelakara):1 table spoon(s)
10) turmeric powder(pasupu):1/2 tea spoon(s)
11)salt to taste&red chilli powder to taste
12) garam masala:sufficient
1) STEP:
Heat the oil in deep bottomed dish upto 5 minutes,
then add finely choped onions in oil and fry it for 3 min till it reaches golden yellow brown colour
2) step:
Add garlic and ginger paste fry it firmly till raw smell goes away
Add potatoes ang yogurt stirr it briskly to avoid curdind.
fry it to 5 min till the oil seperates
3) step:
To this add red chilli powder,cumin powder,coriander powder,turmeric &salt to taste,
then add 1/2 kg chicken to this and increase the heat.fry it for 5 min till chicken lightly browned.
To this add water and mix well.
4) step:
Cover the dish with a lid and made to boil chicken  for 15 min till chicken well coocked.
Sprinkle the garam  masala powder  and cover with lid  for 10 min.
serve the chicken by garnishing with coriander leaves