Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mango Pudding

150g mango puree (use about 3 ripe mangoes) 
1 packet jelly powder 
1 tbsp custard powder 
3 tbsp palm sugar (brown sugar or caster sugar) 
250g low fat fresh milk 
200ml water 
1 cup yoghurt 
1 egg 


Mix the jelly powder, water and sugar 

Stir evenly and bring mixture to boil until dissolves in water 

Dilute custard powder in water and add into mixture 

Add in mango puree, egg, yoghurt and milk in a large bowl 

Allow jelly mixture to cool for about 10 minutes before pour in the mango mixture 

Pour pudding mixture into moulds or jelly cup 

Store in refrigerator, ensure chill well 

Best accompanied by fresh cubed mangoes